About Me

Hello my magickal friend! Are you ready to start living your most magickal life?

My name is Annika and I Live a Magickal Life daily.

I love to share my practices, experiences, and knowledge with you so you can Manifest a Magickal Life for yourself too.    

With me you'll find insight, guidance, tools, and an amazing membership that bring you practical ways to empower yourself and your practice to create the life that you desire.    

I have been a practicing Witch and Tarot reader for over 35 years. I am a healer and a skilled intuitive. I use my gifts as a witch and tarot reader to create carefully crafted and positive intended items to empower, connect, and transform my clients.  

It is my goal to help you become more spiritually aligned and grounded in your own craft. With the help of my guidance and items, I would like to help uplift, guide and cheer you on in the path of life you choose.  I live life based on the belief that you can manifest and have ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you've ever wanted and dreamed of. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL... trust in me and my magick but more importantly BELIEVE in YOURSELF and your own DIVINE MAGICK!  I look forward to working with  you!      

Blessings of Love to you ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS! 

Offering Items & Services
for 35+ years

Including online since 2009!

   I want you to feel confident that your purchase is right for you and will work for you. I am available for questions and love to connect in my Facebook group to get to know each of my clients and customers.

Candles and Spells and Spirits...
Oh My!

I work with Universal Energy and my Spirit Team.

A spirit team consists of my spirit guides, universal guides, angels, ascended masters, and passed loved ones.    

When you work with me or receive one of my offerings, all of this energy is shared with you through the service, companion, or item.    

I do not subscribe to any one belief system, but rather work intuitive magick along with my lineage learned techniques.