Congrats on your new spirit companion!!

Here is some information that I thought might be helpful in learning about and interacting with your new companion.

Welcoming Your New Companion Home

Thank you for choosing to bring a new companion into your life! Those that have vessels being sent to them will need to perform this once the vessel arrives to you. Those that are using their own personal items for vessels or have decided on direct without a vessel can perform this whenever it is convenient for you to do so. 

PLEASE BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR COMPANION'S INFORMATION FROM THE EVENT OR WEBSITE FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS. Once the companion's information is taken down, I do not keep record of it.

For those that have vessels shipping to them:
You will receive a small candle and incense that have been specifically chosen and charged by me to use during their welcoming. Simply light it and welcome them into your home and space. You may choose to use one, both, or neither of's up to you!

For those that are using their own personal items:
You will perform the calling out as stated below.

Please wait a minimum of one hour after purchase from me before performing the welcoming home as it will cause great confusion and anxiety for your companion because they will not be released from me energetically until one full hour has passed since their claim. If you're bringing your companion home directly or using your own vessel, I suggest lighting any candle of your choosing....although it is not necessary.

For those that are calling without a vessel:
You will perform the calling out as stated below leaving out any vessel attachment.  

Please wait a minimum of one hour after purchase from me before performing the welcoming home as it will cause great confusion and anxiety for your companion because they will not be released from me energetically until one full hour has passed since their claim. If you're bringing your companion home directly or using your own vessel, I suggest lighting any candle of your choosing....although it is not necessary.

If you have more than one companion coming to you, please do the following for each vessel:

Your greatest reward to your companion will be your attention. The time that you spend with your companion will be of great importance in how fast it bonds and works for you off of your subconscious needs, wants, and desires.

Your companion will also greatly appreciate the lighting of a candle for them. I would suggest doing this at least every two months, if not more often. Simply light the candle with the intention of thanking your companion(s) in mind.  Allow the candle to burn at least 5 minutes. Birthday candles work wonderfully for this reward and thank you.


If you have a focus vessel you will take that object into your right hand. 

Open your left hand with the palm pointing upwards.

You will then take three deep breaths.

When you feel ready, you will say:

“(Name), I call you from your astral plane to join me here in the physical one. My home is open to you and I ask that you enter into my household and assist me in my daily life.  I will be able to summon you, (name), with ease and speed to wherever I am at any time. So it shall be.” 

Say: “Thank you (name) and be ready to come again when I call.”

You can then place the object wherever you would like. The spirits do not need to use the actual object as a portal to other realms, they are able to cross into and be in all realms at once if needed.

I suggest you call your companion once daily for the first 3 days. The best way to do this is to close your eyes and call upon them or ask them to come and be present with you. Share with them your thoughts, feelings and goals or maybe just about the day ahead or behind you. Talk to them as if they are your best friend. Then clear your mind and allow for thoughts, emotions and ideas to come to you from your companion.

If you miss a day of talking, it’s okay. Your companion will be with you until you pass its vessel to another person with permission or until its release from the object due to your demise. (I should mention that upon your demise, unless your companion is passed to someone else prior, he/she will be released from your ownership to find a new one).


The thought form servitors are created with all of the standard traits of an entity or spirit such as vast magickal knowledge in all aspects for spell casting or "wish granting" along with specialty areas that they are trained in. (money, luck, astral travel guidance, etc. ) They ALSO CARRY ALL OF THE TRAITS OF THE ENTITY THAT THEY ARE BASED ON. For instance, a green dragon companion will carry the traits of the green dragon race as well. This gives wonderful additional value to your servitor that are based on entity races! There are no offerings that need to be made for your servitor as well. They receive everything that they need in alternate realms as they can pass through all of them. This makes them very easy to take care of as it only requires your "talking" to it to be left feeling secure and loyal to you.  

No in-depth personal descriptions in the companion listings?

Some practitioners give you a complete personal description of the beings character or background before you buy. You will notice that I do not. You will find a brief summary of the being's details offered in the listings.

First, there is always some form of being details in the listing. Sometimes, it is a personal description of character or appearance. Other times it is a personal description of their intentions or manifestation. It varies based on each individual being and what they want us to tell you.

I shy away from always giving in-depth descriptions because I feel that getting to know your companion is as much a spiritual growth exercise as is learning to meditate. If I give you every detail about your companion then what will you have left to explore using your connection and gifts? Also, if there is nothing left to discover you are more likely to get bored and move on. My companion's totally enjoy the experience of growing and learning about each other.

Second, I know that my companion's know who they want to be with, why they do, and how they can help you. Often times even moreso than even I understand at conjure.  I know the right companion and the right person arrive to find each other in exactly the right time. I do not offer refunds on companions. If you find that you are totally incompatible, please know that I am willing to 'call the companion back' but you will not receive a refund. I will however donate the amount that you paid to a charity of my choice.

The companions will often times give you a sign they want you. You may think about them, dream about them, find yourself constantly coming back to view their listing, they give you thoughts, numbers, or colors that repeatedly appear in your life. Your intuition is actively drawing you to that companion! You may even experience a confirmation after the purchase as a sign from your new companion they are happy to be with you.

If you try to home one and it is not for you, there usually will be something that prevents you from making the purchase. If you get a sign that you cannot home a particular companion, please be patient. Another waiting companion will fill that same listing spot and you might discover that it's an even better fit for you.

I understand that some people want all the details before they bring a new companion home. I ask you to understand that I am not like other sellers and that the companions that I offer are thought form creations of my own conjuring. They have everything needed to assist you in all ways and to connect with you when it's exactly right for your to receive their guidance, insight, and assistance.   

People cross my path for many reasons and finding a new companion is just one of them.