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A membership that allows you spiritually grow as you surround yourself with supportive like-minded people.

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Membership Benefits
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 You'll be taking action each month towards your transformation by learning and putting into practice such things as:

    • How to tap into your Intuitive gifts to allow yourself clear guidance and insight 
    •  Ways to work your witchcraft into your modern life 
    • How to implement steps that can be taken to allow the removal of obstacles from your path 
    • Learn to merge your everyday mundane tasks with magickal energies 
    • Channeled guidance for the upcoming month 
    • Learn the basics, techniques, tips, and secrets of Living a Magickal Life 
    • Learn about Guides, Angels, your Spirit Team, and Divination 
    • Learn to step into your Personal Power to allow Ease and Flow Manifesting     

 What you enjoy when you join...

    • Monthly Full Moon Ritual Suggestions 
    • Monthly New Moon Ritual Suggestions  
    • Channeled Guidance for the Month 
    • Monthly Card Spread  
    • Monthly Meditation
    • Access to an ah-mazing Members Only group 
    • Direct access and Interaction with me for questions, insight, and guidance at the Monthly Witches with Wine and in group
    • Information and Guidance to help you tune into the energies that surround you. 
    • Information and Instruction on connecting with your intuition. 
    • Learning how Manifesting actually works (nope, it's not just simply wishing)   
    • Inclusion in the Full and New Moon Members Only Community Casts

    • Meditation Vault Bonus 
    • Book Vault 
    • Planner Vault  
    • Spell Vault 
    • Past Classes Vault

Annika R.

Annika offers 35 plus years of experience in witchcraft and intuitive development and has been offering Magickal Items and Services online since 2009.

 "A Highly Recommended Membership. Easy to Understand, Informative, and Very Well Organized. It is Full of Practical and Valuable information for Anyone who wants to Develop and Enhance their Skills. " 

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