What is a Magickal Spirit Companion? 

My spirit companions are beings that are conjured from astral energy that will form a partnership with an individual. My custom conjures are created and called in full ritual using your personal energetic profile so that the perfect match can step forward to join you.

I often will explain my spirit companions as magickal energies personified. They will all have full magickal abilities, but some may have more specific magickal interests. They are here to perform tasks for you and support your endeavors both in the physical realm and astral. They are not pushed or forced to perform these tasks. They are more like the worker ants who are created and live to serve the highest good for the colony and the queen. They are happy, satisfied, and content to do as they do without special reward. You may find that you desire to reward or thank your companion which they will greatly enjoy, but it is not necessary for them to perform at their highest.

They can greatly help you through your journey in life. These can be any type of companion that accompanies you during this life and multiple of these companions can be brought together to form spirit families. The spirit families are simply made of many different spirit companions that have come together, because of their connection to a specific human companion.

There are a few differences between Spirit Guides, and Spirit Companions. Spirit guides are already connected to you before you incarnate. Spirit guides can also be sent down later in your life by your higher self to interact with you and to bring you knowledge, and wisdom. Spirit companions will not be connected to you before this incarnation, and before you get to know each other both of you will agree to communicate, and work together in this lifetime as companions. You are able to have spirit guides and spirit companions at the same time with both of them filling different roles in your life, relationships and experiences.

Any form of spiritual being can become a spiritual companion as long as you and the spirit begin to associate with each other in order to form this companionship.

My spirit companions are summoned to step forward through normal summoning practices. Sometimes they are met through astral projection, or astral travel as well. I do not ever force any unwilling spirit energy to entertain the idea of becoming a companion. There is no force to their desire to support their human ever!

Spirit companions can be viewed on our website or through our weekly events that occur in our secret group. This is where you can connect with specific spirits that fit your personality, practice, and life. I charge for my time and effort of bringing about the conjure. I also take the time to be certain that the companion is not harmful in any way to it's human companion no matter what their experience level or to any other energetic being.

Just a little something I always tell people: Spirit companion shops can be legitimate places of business ran by very talented individuals, BUT there are quite a lot of scam shops that go through the process of scamming people out of their money, that is something that I implore you to be watchful of. Be sure you know and trust your conjurer!

My companions are also sometimes offered with a focus vessel. My vessels are spellcast to support the tasks of the companion, to open communication with the companion, and to act more like magickal communication devices between you and your companion. For some people, having an in hand item allows a better feeling of direct connection to the companion when communication is needed, or wanted. These vessels can be pretty much anything, but they are usually something that is more special, or connected to the personality or likes of the spirit companion.

They DO NOT need to have a vessel though! Again, the vessel acts as a focal, connection, and grounding point. They also are a benefit of the amazing spell energies they hold of course! Your companion will always be tied to your energy and will therefore always be available to you at your request...any time, any place...with or without any vessel they (or you) may choose!

Once you and your spirit companion begin your relationship, the relationship can change into many different forms depending upon where you and your companion would like to take it. Nothing is ever forces and nothing is ever off limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The companions that I offer are called forward from astral using your energy profile. So that means that they are a perfect match for your energy, lifestyle, and desires. It is very rare that things would not work out as they are, essentially, created from your own energy type. Your companions are created to be with you until your demise where they are then returned to the astral as well. So to answer your question...no, they are not able to break the ties with you, but that is by design since, again, they should be so compatible that there will never be the desire or need.

My companion offerings are never bound or forced to be of service as a companion. Their primary concern is their human companion's happiness and success. When there is no creation of ability to 'turn on' or harm a loved one, there is no other protections needed to be but in place. You may find the companion information on my website to be of more help in understanding the companions that I offer. Also, I have a podcast episode that explains them a bit as well. Here is that link: https://witchfulways.buzzsprout.com/1430836/9349942-my-companions-are-they-angels-spirits-or-guides

Companions can use the Astral plane for sexual pleasure with you as well as in your dream state (which is a type of Astral so to speak). In the physical place, in your waking moments, they can be invited by you through visualization before or during self pleasure as well. The companions I offer are most helpful in supporting and assisting you in your sexual desires, abilities, and inhibitions. They Bring to you (and through you to partners) higher libido, more pleasurable experiences, and the confidence to step out of comfort zones. A sort of subconscious sexual coach for lack of better terms.

I begin by working within a conjure session to 'put out there' your energetic profile and will work again in a second conjure session with bringing your companion forward. The third conjure session will energetically bond them to you and get them ready for release to you. Their focus bead will be chosen by them in the final session. Please allow up to four days to receive your companion's information, although often times it is ready in two to three. (it's how long it takes me to write it up from my session notes). Your bead and welcoming items will be put into the mail the following business day.

 I do not need your date of birth, but thank you for offering.

I will use the name that comes across on the payment as your identity to create your information for the summoning session.

Your energy profile that is 'sent out' for your new companions to be drawn to step forward for is connected to you as an energy yourself rather than the identity which you go by in the physical. I hope that makes sense. :) I work with your energy and astral energies rather than names and DOB. I connect with you via your energy and work with that MUCH better than most who simply offer up your name and date of birth for matching. ;)

The spirit companion group that I host on Facebook is exclusive to those that have previously brought home a spirit companion from Witchful Ways.
In the email that you receive after your companion is released to you, you will find the invitation for that group at the bottom. IF you have brought home a companion previously and would like to join, feel free to simply input your info into the questions asked at joining.

This group offers direct-to-you companions each week as well as special group only companion offerings every now and again. Direct to you companions have no vessels and are $33. They are direct bindings and nothing is sent in the mail.

You may find a few of these along with vessled companions offered periodically in the main Witchful Ways of Annikas Magickal Arts Facebook group as well.