Magickal Oil Instructions


Magickal Oils have been a part of witchcraft, hoodoo, and rootwork forever. They are used to increase the power of your works, they can be used to anoint amulets, tools, or candles to enhance the effectiveness of your work.  

How to Use:
Each oil that comes from Witchful Ways has been charged with energy and intent to match the oils properties. Once you receive your oil it is best to place your own intent, focusing on what you need its purpose to be, into the oil as well. One of the best ways to do this is by placing the oil into your hands while meditating over your specific Intentions for the oil. Or by placing the oil on your altar to charge.

Each oil may be used on your skin as they are made with skin safe ingredients but because they are steeped with herbs before bottling, it is best to use caution and wisdom before applying to the skin. A patch test is recommended.

For best results use the oils to anoint candles, to make floor washes, to anoint tools and objects, or if you deem it safe for your skin add to a spiritual bath. You may also anoint petitions with your oil, to seal the power within them.    

Treat your oil as your own personal spirit in a bottle. The more you place your intent and trust in the oil, the better results it will give you. Let your intentions and your oil guide you to your manifestations.

For love, attraction, or sexual oils - Place the oils on yourself, anoint a candle, or somewhere your intended target may come in contact with the oil.

For protection oils - Place the oils within a candle, any doorways of your property or car, on a petition paper, or on oneself.  

For banishment, cursing oils - Place the oil in any place your target may come in contact with it, or on a picture of your target.  

For money oils, fast luck, fast success oils - Anoint your wallet or money with the oils, anoint a candle, anoint a petition, or place the oil on oneself.  

*These are the methods that work best for me, but the most powerful magick is the magick you create yourself. Set your intentions and as do you witchypoo!