Here  you will find my options for available reading sessions.

They are an excellent way to receive insight and guidance into an issue, situation, or circumstance and to gain clarity on decisions needing to be made or answers needed. They can give great insight into how you can better connect with your own spiritual skills, talents, and gifts as well. You spirit team is just waiting for you to learn to connect with them!

Reading Sessions are performed after I have prepared myself and my space to connect with the guides and your energetic body to bring insight and guidance to you in clear, concise language.

Reading Sessions:  A reading is when I work with my guides to tune into your energy and provide intuitive information that comes through without using any cards. This information can be about your past, present and potential future or other areas of your life or topics you want intuitive information on. I receive information through using my senses such as seeing, knowing, hearing and feeling.  You may choose a direction or theme for me to focus on like career, finances, family, relationships, business, etc. to provide general guidance.  

Some clients come to me for business guidance.  I believe because I have years of experience working in business as an entrepreneur and consultant, this information comes more naturally to me.  

Some clients want to connect simply to make sense of their current life or situation.  Often there is a message that comes with connecting to Guides.  

I sometimes use cards with these sessions. Pulling cards after my initial connection can verify and/or clarify what came up in the session.

10 Messages from Spirit

Having insight and guidance from your guides makes traversing through life SO much easier. Sometimes we are too 'involved' in life or a situation however to properly receive those messages. This is where I can step in to help you by connecting with your guides to bring you 10 messages direct from them to you. Simple things that you may need to know, become aware of, or that you need validated. When we simply ask them what they want us to know we tend to get the most needed and insightful messages!

Spiritual Guidance by Email

An email Reading is exactly what you need to shed light on your questions, and help you solve the problems you face every day!  Whether you need to know about love or other relationships, career, a life-changing decision, or any other situation, this reading can help.   For each reading I will connect with my guides and your energy to bring insight and guidance regarding the situation or question. I then pull cards to verify and/or clarify the information received.  

6 Month Reading

An in-depth, 6 month reading, looking at the months ahead, personal for you.  
You at the Months Beginning
Personal Challenge
External Obstacle
Personal Growth
The Month's Energy/Theme
You at the Months End

 Live Reading Sessions
Live reading sessions allow us to dive in together to gain clarity and insight. We will chat like old friends as the guides bring us information in the areas of Personal Energies, Love, Relationships, Connections, Finances, Career, Studies, and any other situation, issue, or circumstance you may want a little insight into.  

I suggest this type of reading for any issue you may be having, however I recommend waiting about 3 months for any second reading on the same subject unless there was a drastic change in your life. 

Reading sessions do NOT include mediumship.


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