Witchcraft in 30 Days by Witchful Ways

Witchcraft in 30 Days

In 30 days you'll learn all the basics you need to know to step into the most powerful witch you can be. Easy, understandable, and practical information that you can actually use in your daily magickal life. 

Be the Witch You Want to Be!

Bringing out your most powerful inner witch and allowing yourself to Live a Magickal Life.

Your Inner Witch is Waiting!

Walking your path as a witch is one of self-discovery.  This course will show you how to bring out the natural witch that is within you.  Nothing fancy, nothing frilly...just real information to help you walk that path.

Natural Witchcraft has no need for expensive tools, or hard to find ingredients. You can cast powerful spells without tools or breaking your pocketbook.

5 Units with 5 classes in each unit.

Learn the Foundations of witchcraft, tools, meditation, magickal safety, banishing, warding, cursing, oils, herbs, working with the elements, and more!

Start Living Your Magickal Life Now!

Learn to walk the path you are drawn to and create your reality.

This class will give you a wonderful basis to allow you to understand how to work your magick. The information is presented to you so that you can include it in any belief system you may hold.

This is a video only course that was launched in 2017 within a package offering. By popular request, this information is now being offered as a stand alone course at a fraction of the original package price! 

What's included?

Video Icon 27 videos


Before We Begin
2 mins
Welcome and How to use the Course
3 mins
Intro to this Masterclass
6 mins
Unit 1 - Foundation
Unit 1 Foundation
28 mins
Unit 2 - Preparing for Witchcraft
Intro to Unit 2
2 mins
The Grimoire
13 mins
16 mins
Safety First!
22 mins
22 mins
Making it a Daily Practice
10 mins
Unit 3 - Working with Energetic Forces
Unit 3 Intro
2 mins
21 mins
30 mins
Cleansing and Charging
24 mins
18 mins
Spell Reversal
14 mins
Unit 4 - Facets of Practice
Intro to Unit 4
4 mins
The Theory
13 mins
The Seasons of Magick
13 mins
Magick with the Moon
25 mins
Magickal Oils
19 mins
Your Herbal Arsenal
13 mins
Unit 5 - Spellcrafting
22 mins
14 mins
15 mins
19 mins
Final Thoughts
Now go live that magickal life!!
2 mins